Mohammed Al-Thaqafi

Born in 1975 in Taif, Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al-Thaqafi is amongst the pioneers of Saudi Arabia art scene. He has been distinguished in the art of sculpting both locally and internationally. The artist holds a Masters degree in Fine Art, Sculpting department from Umm Al Qura University where his thesis topic was “An Analytical Study of Contemporary Sculpture Trends in Saudi Arabia”.

His work has been showcased extensively in group local and international exhibitions including Exhibition of UNESCO in Austria 2007, Anamel exhibition in Germany, 2008, Misk International Symposium in Riyadh 2018, and many others in Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, and Russia. Some of his solo exhibitions include; the “Legendary” exhibition at Shoubra Palace in Taif in 2007, and The Desert Heritage exhibition in Khobar 2016.  He is also the chairman of the Fine Arts committee in the Art & Culture Association in Taif.


Hawwar, 2017

Yanea'at, 2013

Yanea'at, 2019

Yanea'at, 2019

Untitled, 2021

Untitled, 2020

Untitled, 2020


Abaq II

20 مايو, 2019 - 20 يونيو, 2019

13 فبراير, 2019 - 13 مارس, 2019